The Indian film industry is apprehended for actresses who use a pack of makeup. You rarely catch a glimpse of these celebs in a no-makeup look of Bollywood actress. Some actresses show their true beauty with their minimum makeup looks. One such actress is Nayanthara, the dominant figure in the South Indian film industry. She has plain looks, but due to her marvelous acting skills she has a massive fan following:

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Here are some of Nayanthara photos without makeup:

This is a casual picture taken through the shooting. Nayanthara can be seen shooting outdoor makeup. Her serious manner in the picture does not hide the truth that even without any meaningful makeup, she is one of the various eye-catching actresses in the business.

An image of Nayanthara taken in an event shows that she is without any makeup. No makeup, Nayanthara draws out the original beauty in her. In the simple look, she looks adorable.

Most stars travel with heavy makeup to prevent the paparazzi from distributing their natural pics. However, Nayanthara, as viewed from the above pic moves with the minimalist makeup needed. Her skin tone too does not become sans makeup. Her smile too celebrates her natural look.

Using a red top and wearing a ponytail, Nayanthara certainly knows how to reach the audience’s eye. Even though she is marked in the picture with barely any makeup, one backside denies that her charm has not been touched by it.

In this image, Nayanthara has surely captivated her fans with her cheeky laugh. One could also assume she has the most wonderful smile among south Indian celebrities without makeup. She seems radiant in navy blue attire and a top braid.

A fair picture has to be on this program and the above picture is one of the widely distributed ones. Snapping while Nayanthara is hearing to music and strolling through the camera picture, portrays her loveliness even outwardly normal makeup.

Nayanthara looks brilliant and one can see the slightest trace of makeup on her profile. With a bright smile, Nayanthara looks like a glam doll. Tolerated in a press conference with Nayanthara showing off a picture of her, she slays the white dress she is using.

Nayanthara in the greatest of her pictures opts for pure looks. Here we can see her with a red suit and simple hairstyle but her bindi gives a glory look to her. The bindi and the easy hairstyle combined with the least makeup add to the charm of the actress.

Nayanthara has equaled the charm and glamour of Prabhu Deva in this image. Wearing a black t-shirt and blue denim and a pretty smile, she looks dazzling without makeup.

Nayanthara has a distinct appeal in traditional attire. She adds glamour to the traditional outfit as in this image where she is seen wearing a violet kurta and having a simple hairstyle with a Kajal look.