All people look to retain independence irrespective of their physical condition. High-quality toilet and bathroom aids are available in the market to fulfil all needs. The aim is to provide immense comfort and convenience to people with physical disabilities. From transfer benches to over-toilet aids, there are numerous options. The products also cater to the needs of older people and offer the correct stability and support. Awareness of the products and using the right aid reduces the chances of needing help. The convenient options also reduce the chances of an injury. 

Types of Bathroom Aids 

For the diabled bathroom aids are available in several forms and different shapes and sizes. Using a perching tool to stand at the sink or the handrails provide complete independence to a person. In Australia, two out of 5 people with disability are above 65, per the Australian Network on Disability. The figures reflect the decreased strength among the elderly. Incorporating convenient bathroom aids can be a revolutionary experience for those physically dependent on aids for daily life.  

Bath Transfer Benches 

The first on the list is the transfer benches that provide stable seating during showers. There are various designs ranging from open front seats to sliding benches. The presence of draining holes, rails, padding, backrest, and adjustable heights make the experience seamless. There are also bariatric benches for safe access during bathing. The integrated rails assist during the transfers. 

Bath boards 

The bath boards are beneficial for people who have difficulty getting in and out of the bathtubs. 

The boards are made of both high-quality timber and plastic. Placing these boards on the edge of the bathtub provides a stable seating arrangement during a bath. The intelligent design drains the water quickly through the holes. Specific products come with added soap dishes and rails for enhanced security. The boards are adjustable and also have bariatric options available. 

Bathroom Accessories 

The accessories are helpful for daily bathing and toileting tasks. The commode liner ensures the safe collection and disposal of bodily fluids and wastes. The autoclavable urinals for both males and females provide convenience to people with mobility issues. The shower capes are meant for both privacy and comfort during transfers for the shower. The long-handled sponges clean the body effectively without bending too much. The accessories also include a variety of shower mats, tap turners, nail brushes, wipes, hand gels, etc., for the best experience. 

Mobile Commodes 

The various mobile commodes are made of high-quality aluminium or stainless steel frames. These commodes can be used in hospitals or care centres for the elderly. The seat is stable and can be used on the toilet or during the shower as per the requirement. The products cater to high-level care and are built with unique functionalities. The headrests, footrests, armrests, etc., are all adjustable and support easy transfers. The open front seat chairs are helpful in better cleaning and suit larger people. 

Bed Pans and Urine Bottles 

The bedpans and urine bottles are high quality and cater to bathroom needs. The pans are of different sizes and capacities to meet individual requirements. It helps increase independence when it comes to toileting and is very comforting. The designs come with handles and lids to prevent them from spillage. There are also bedpan racks of stainless steel to hold about six bedpans or bottles. 

Final Words 

Besides the products mentioned above, various rails, shower tools, trolleys, and tilt-in-space commodes provide all the comfort and care required during severe physical conditions. The products aim to assist people and not have to depend largely on others for their daily needs.