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One of the consistent things when it comes to ethnic Indian clothing similar to saree and lehenga is the blouse. While it comes to blouse designs, it can either make or break an outfit. People believe it’s either the saree or the lehenga that presents the outfit look better but believe about it, a traditional saree when paired with an elegant blouse looks unique. That is because the blouse flatters the color and the plainness of the saree and executes it to look ten times prettier.

This is the principal purpose of this article – to make you know what outfit to pair with various types of blouses. As you previously know, an Indian blouse can be customized and adjusted according to the choice of the wearer. A blouse can have various types of neck designs, embellishments, sleeve patterns and even various cuts in the back and front. Choosing what you want is easy but discovering the blouse design that will see best with your said outfit is a task.

This is wherever we come to the comparison. We are here to assist solve this problem. From cuts to decorations, front design to the back, saree blouses to lehenga blouse, we have everything you should understand before stitching that blouse. So, what are you waiting for? Fall in and change the way you combine and match your blouses forever.

New Blouse Neck Designs

Some blouse neck cuts are evergreen and any fads come and go with time. Some blouse neckline design looks amazing with some types of clothes while some look frightful with the same. So for you to get a clear idea of different blouse neck designs, scroll below.

1. Round Neck Blouse Design

Round neck blouse design

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One of the most basic yet elegant blouse neck designs. This style fits everyone absolutely and you just cannot go improper with it.

2. Boat Neck Blouse Design

Boat neck blouse design

Product code – 3266765, Price – ₹354

A variety of the round neck but this originates from the shoulder and isn’t too deep. A boat neck is excellent for people who are annoying with deep necklines

3. Sweetheart Neck Blouse Design

Sweetheart neck blouse design

Product code – 3892884, Price – ₹191

This model of blouse neck design forms the shape of the heart around the front neck. As the neckline tones down the jawline, it should be used by women with rectangular or squared faces.

4. Off-Shoulder Neck Blouse Design

Off-Shoulder Neck Blouse Design

Product code – 1135813, Price – ₹324

Flaunt the delicate skin of your shoulder and explicate off that collar bone with an off-shoulder neck blouse design. This blouse cut is more fit for young women as it has a lively and chic feel to it.

5. Scoop Neck Blouse Design

Scoop Neck Blouse Design

Product code – 5162625, Price – ₹338
Extra variation of the round neckline, a scoop, as the sign suggests is wider and longer than your average round neck pattern.

6. Keyhole Neck Blouse Design

Keyhole Neck Blouse Design

Product code – 5263867, Price – ₹564

A keyhole neckline appears with a tiny hole, nearly like a keyhole right below the original neckline of the blouse.

7. Cold Shoulder Neck Blouse Design

Cold Shoulder Neck Blouse Design

Product code – 383767, Price – ₹513

What originally started in western clothing has immediately taken the ethnic cloth outline by storm. In this design, the top part of the sleeve is cut out to display off some shoulder on each side.

8. V Neck Blouse Design

V Neck Blouse Design

Product code – 4442873, Price – ₹538

Almost as evergreen as a round neck, the V neckline has emerged since the period and now includes varied dept, width, and adornments.

Simple Blouse Back Designs

While it comes to blouse the space that gets featured the most is unless the neck or the back. Since we have previously discussed the neck. Let’s take a glimpse at some of the latest blouse neck designs as well.

1. Cut Out Blouse Back Design With Dori

The best way to oomph your latest blouse design is with a cut-out design. I don’t understand how but it resembles extravagant and humble at the equal time.

Cut Out Blouse Back Design With Dori

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This Jacquard blouse is a classic model with a boat neckline and a round cut-out back model including a simple Dori.

2. Tie Up Bow Blouse Back Design

Tie Up Bow Blouse Back Design

Product code – 1869566, Price – ₹407.

A pretty variety of the cut-out model, this is also a cut-out design but with a cutesy little bow added to the top. The blouse is made of Silk and highlights an embroidery design.

3. Ethnic Blouse Back Design

Ethnic Blouse Back Design

Product code – 1961686, Price – ₹655

This huge Malbari Silk blouse model has an elaborate hand and zari work on the back. It highlights multiple elephants and a net in the back of the blouse.

4. Cut Out Design With Cold Shoulder

Cut Out Design With Cold Shoulder

Product code – 324167, Price – ₹512

Unlike a circle cut-out blouse back pattern, this design emphasizes a semi-circle cut-out with intricate thread and zari work. This unusual and fancy blouse design also displays a cold-shoulder design.

5. Flower Cut-Out Blouse Back Design

Flower Cut-Out Blouse Back Design

Product code – 3278626, Price – ₹599

As the back of the blouse is much more noticeable than the front, people play around and explore a lot with back blouse models. And we simply love this design. Just like the modern design this hot blouse design also highlights a cold shoulder and on the head of that, the lovely flower cut out. The blouse is created of Phantom Silk material and has fabrication work.

6. Deep Round Back Neck With Dori

Deep Round Back Neck With Dori

Product code – 4853222, Price – ₹579

This design is one of the best Bollywood’s favorite designs. This blouse back design is much favored in bridal or just normal daily wear by Indian women.

7. Deep Cut-Out With Fringes

Deep Cut-Out With Fringes

Product code – 3301375, Price – ₹524

In modern times, the fashion industry has witnessed a huge rise in the use of borders. Be it in westerly or ethnic clothing, fringes are ruling over. So, here is the newest blouse design featuring a deep cut-out and fringes.

Blouse Sleeve Designs

With so numerous blouse sleeve designs to pick from, it is justified to be confused. Therefore, we are here to assist you with this problem. Subsequent blouse neck design and back design, let’s assume blouse sleeve designs are a little better.

1. Ruffle Sleeves

blouse sleeve designs

Product code – 4097928, Price – ₹518

This season has continued all about ruffle sleeves. This sleeve is wherever from lehengas to kurtas, to blouses and dresses and however, we cannot get sufficient of it. This sleeve design looks majestic on any age group and body type. So, get yourself a ruffle jacket blouse design and make a statement this season.

2. Cape Blouse Designs

blouse sleeve designs

Product code – 4595654, Price – ₹638

Try something different this season and get yourself a cape-style blouse. The blouse design has a solid lining at the bottom and a net cape on top of it. The net head features intricate embroidery all over it and is equipped with tiny beaded tassels.

3. Sleeveless Blouse Design

blouse sleeve designs

Product code – 1866152, Price – ₹530

Give off amazing contemporary vibes in a sleeveless blouse and rock any function. The biggest benefit of a sleeveless blouse is that it guarantees more attention goes to the saree. So, opt for a sleeveless blouse with a dismal blouse and rock any function in style! The blouse appears with intricate zari embroidery and a sexy back cut-out in the back.

4. Bell Sleeve Blouse Design

blouse sleeve designs

Product code – 2835725, Price – ₹559

We cannot receive this stunning printed bell sleeve blouse design. The blouse has a back chain and Dori closure with a round cut-out. The sleeve is two-layered and provides a glam look to the blouse.

5. Full-Sleeved Blouse Design

blouse sleeve designs

Product code – 3233123, Price – ₹1119 (For the entire lehenga set)

For ladies who prefer full coverage in the arm and need to show off the elegant design of the blouse. A full-sleeved blouse can be customized in many ways and made your personal. From embroidery, prints, cuts, and designs, there are so numerous designs and so few functions.

Latest Saree Blouse Designs

A lot of circumstances need to be analyzed before designing a blouse for your saree. Whether the saree is heavy, what sort of embellishment makes the saree have, does the saree own a border? These are some things that come to our minds before designing a blouse.

Fringe Gray saree

Product code – 5007179, Price – ₹569
Take this saree for example. A heavily printed saree with the pallo completely covered with prints and the pleats highlighting ruffle work. A plain V neck or round neck blouse will go flawlessly with this saree. When we see it in our brains, a blouse like the one below would match absolutely with the saree. Not the exact color but the model, and the cut.

Scoop neck sexy blouse

Product code – 5162627, Price – ₹338

heavy leheria saree

Product code – 5048665, Price – ₹1,018

While this georgette saree model can be matched with an ethnic black and golden Banarasi Silk blouse with Zari work like the one below.

Heavy Blouse design

Product code – 2344652, Price – ₹221

As Khadi is all the trend this season, you might have a khadi saree that you might want to pair with a blouse.

Plain blue saree

Product code – 4864977, Price – ₹698

Pair this gorgeous Khadi saree with this multi-color cotton blouse below.

Multi-colored cotton blouse

Product code – 1962500, Price- ₹234

Latest Lehenga Blouse designs

The most frequent mistake we’ve seen women perform when it comes to lehengas is that they close up focusing more on the lehenga than the blouse. When a sufficient blouse meets an exquisite lehenga, the whole outfit is settled. So, here is some blouse revelation when it comes to trending lehenga blouse designs.

1. Boat Neck Embroidery Blouse

Boat Neck Embroidery Blouse

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The most essential lehengas can be styled to look fantastic with the help of a little embroidery here and there. Just the same in this Taffeta Silk lehenga including choli set.

2. High Neck Golden Blouse

High Neck Golden Blouse

Product code – 1466491, Price – ₹865

This Banglori Silk golden blouse can be combined and matched not just with this Tapeta Silk lehenga but so numerous other outfits as well. While the lehenga stars embroidery work, the blouse appears with mirror work detailing.

3. Royal Banarasi Silk Blouse

Royal Banarasi Silk Blouse

Product code – 234835, Price – ₹2834

This whole outfit has been custom-made with pure quality Banarasi Silk. There is simply something about this element that gives off a royal vibe. The product in the lehenga set is Jacquard.

4. Sexy Blouse To Pair With Your Lehenga

Sexy Blouse To Pair With Your Lehenga

Product code – 890316, Price – ₹1078

The lehenga and the dupatta are obtained from georgette silk, the blouse is manufactured from Banglori Silk, and the entire set features embroidery work. Since the result comes semi-stitched, you can customize the blouse just as you need. Make it sexy or go with the quintessential classical look.

5. Ruffled Sleeve Satin Blouse

Ruffled Sleeve Satin Blouse

Product code – 1572922, Price – ₹1351

Play throughout with the sleeve and the neckline of a blouse and customize it to the design you want it. For evidence, look at this lehenga choli set. The lehenga and the blouse are created from Zari Satin, while the dupatta is made from the net. The lehenga had floral design models printed on it, the blouse is solid and the dupatta features band and tassel work.
Now that you have a general idea about the latest blouse designs, what are you expecting? Go ahead and customize that blouse the way you want it. Search with different neck, back, and sleeve designs to imagine that one perfect, new blouse design.
For an easy way to these mind-blowing designs, we have curated an amazing, saveable infographic.

Blouse neck designs

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