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‘Health Is Wealth’

We all have heard this proverb countless times. But what does this proverb mean to say? 

The proverb talks about the state of well-being, free from diseases. It also encapsulates both physical and mental health.

The adage comes from one of the great classical Rome Poets, Vigil. It is believed that Vigil has suffered throughout his life with bad health.

Perhaps it is the status of his health that inspired him to introduce this Proverb – The Greatest Wealth Is Health, as advice for the coming generations.

Although centuries have passed, people have not taken this advice seriously. This is the reason why they are still making mistakes while taking care of their health.

It is because of those mistakes that we are here today. This article will discuss some common health mistakes people need to avoid.

Common Health Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

Your health does not need extra care. If you can just look into the small things, you will be able to keep yourself healthy.

Here is a list of common errors that the majority of us are guilty of committing. Some of the mistakes are so common that people have never thought they were doing it wrong all along.

1. Binge Drinking

Drinking has become a social norm today. Whether we are socializing with others, celebrating special locations, or spending evenings with friends, alcohol consumption has become a part of it.

While health experts do say that having a drink at the end of the day is healthy for the body and gives you a good night’s sleep. However, little do they know; they are falling victim to binge drinking.

Even if they don’t feel like drinking or have no urges to do so, just because their friends are drinking – why shouldn’t I?

Unfortunately, this behavior leads to addiction. Once you have fallen into that hole, addiction treatment services are the only way out.

2. Thinking Low Fats Means Low Calorie

If we could only make a habit of reading the label or every product we eat – we would have been a healthier nation today!

– Lot of people really love to hear about products with low fat or reduced fat.

– Why?

– Because it made us think that consuming that product is equivalent to consuming low calories.

But here is a thing: because a product is marked with low fat doesn’t mean it will actually have low fat. For example, canned beef contains 20g of fat.

The manufacturer has lowered the fat by 5%. However, the amount of fat is now 15% which is still five times more than 3% (the actual definition of low-fat pers serving).

3. Missing Out On Your Breakfast

The traditional scene of having a healthy and complete breakfast early in the morning before leaving home vanishes in modern society. People are just picking up anything on the go to satiate their hunger.

But, often don’t realize that starting your day without breakfast is like driving a car without fuel- It will eventually break down.

4. Exercising Too Much

The more you spend your time exercising, the better your health, right?


Exercising too much can be counterproductive for your health. If you work your body too hard and push past its limit, you risk weakening its immune system.

Exercise enough that your body can recover with a single sleep.

5. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Cutting back on your sleep might seem a good way to squeeze a few more productive hours from the day. Well, doing it once in a while to meet the deadline is all okay. But doing it regularly can significantly affect your health.

Though there are no set amount of hours a person needs to have the perfect good night’s sleep. Somewhere between 7-8 hours is enough time to give your body time to recuperate.

6. Drinking Too Much Sugar-Free Diet

Yes, it is true that drinking drinks with too much sugar are harmful to your health. But the same thing can be said for sugar-free diet drinks.

Although these sugar-free drinks may not contain sugar, they do contain preservatives, and artificial sweeteners, which are dangerous for your health.

7. Eating Meals Just Before Sleep

Going to bed immediately after having dinner is a grave mistake most people make. Research shows that going to sleep right after eating can result in heartburns, weight gain, and disrupted sleep.

When you sleep, your body’s metabolism slows down, leaving the food you have eaten undigested. As a result, that food is stored in the body in the form of fat.

It is best to have dinner 2 hours before hitting the bed!

8. Forget To Floss

Do you think brushing your teeth is enough for your oral health? If so, think again.

Most people believe that simply brushing the teeth is enough to completely clean the teeth completely. Well, if that is the case, what about the food stuck in between the teeth?

If those foods are not removed or washed, they will form plaque. And with plaques comes different oral health problems.

Start flossing today if you do not want to experience how bad oral health problems can become!

9. Bottling Up Stress

It is true that a life without stress is a life living under a rock without much activity. No matter how happy you are in life, life will greet you with a certain level of stress. It is you who need to learn the ways to deal with it.

But what we are doing, we are just bottling everything up and allowing it to build inside the body. This is not only affecting our mental health but physical health as well.

Learn a few healthy coping mechanisms to deal with your daily stress.

10. Performing Unsafe Sex

We might be living in an enlightened world of the 21st century, but the truth is that we are having more sex, and with more partners. If that was not much of a problem, we are doing it unprotected.

Perhaps this is the reason why the number of STD and HIV cases is increasing year by year.

Take Away!

To end our article, we will only say that being healthy is all about simple decisions that you make daily. You must communicate with your body. Your body knows what it needs and whatnot.

Treat your body just like you would treat a four-year-old child. You will eventually start learning more about your body and its needs.