Keeping your nails looking their best seems to be an uphill battle. Apart from eating the right diet for nails and opting for good nail colors, you need to choose the correct shape for those precious assets. If you are a frequent visitor to a nail salon, you might be aware of the possibilities for getting those nail shapes done. However, if you are a novice, let us tell you that almond and oval nails are quite famous and look flattering on almost all fingers. But what’s the difference between almond nails and oval nails? Read on to discover their distinctive features and then decide which one to choose for your nails. 

Oval and Almond Nails :

Before we move on to differentiate between the two nail shape trends, let’s have a glimpse of what these shapes exactly are. 


The Look: Oval nails are round shape nails with curved corners. These nails are quite similar to almond nails but are blunter as they have slightly tapered sides.  

The Length: Oval shapes work best for those with medium-length or long nails. They look most beautiful on narrow nail beds and even act as an ideal base for nail art.

The Nail Color: Light colors especially matte ones look appealing on oval-shaped nails. For short oval-shaped nails, a minimalist look is the best one to opt for. 


The Look: A nail that is filed along the sides and ends in a round peak that resembles an almond.

The Length: Although both short almond-shaped nails and long almond nails exist, the shape looks best on medium-length nails. It’s wise not to go too long with these nails as this can ruin the shape and make it a bit tacky.

The Nail Color: Try shades of nude, brown, or grey for a subtle yet elegant look. A neutral color can perfectly make this shape’s dimensions standout. You can also settle for a two-tone French tip for a quirky look. 

Difference between Oval and Almond Nails 

Now when you have got the gist of what oval and almond nail shapes are, let’s dig deeper to find more differences between the two. 

1. The Shape Game

Oval nails have sides that curve inward such that they form a semicircle. On the other hand, almond nails are regarded as a version of oval-shaped nails. Oval nails are strongest and cannot be broken easily while almond-shaped nails have a rounded tip that is likely to break easily.

2. The Shape of Fingers

Almond nails look mesmerizing on short as well as long fingers while oval ones are ideal for short fingers. 

3. The Nail Bed

Oval-shaped nails are great for both broad and narrow nail beds. On the other hand, almond-shaped nails suit wider nail beds that help garner attention to the narrow tip. 

4. The Appearance

If you possess thick fingers, go for almond-shaped nails as they will give an illusion of thin fingers. They are also great for those who want a tapered look. Something that is the right choice for wide-nail beds!

If you want your fingers to look long, then get oval nails. Also, the shape looks flattering on longer lengths.

5. The Length 

Almond-shaped nails are best suited to medium nails and those who want to create extra length for their nails.  Oval nails are apt for medium to long nails. These nails are not for those whose nails are too short. 

6. The Best Shape

If you like to do the bare minimum on an everyday basis, then oval-shaped nails are the right one for you. 

Almond nails add some quirkiness to your look and hence are great to make a unique statement. If you have the right nail length, this shape can make your nails and fingers look elegant. 

7. The Not-So-Good Side 

Oval nails are not very intense. The problem with almond-shaped nails is that they can break easily unless you have strong nails. Also, the growth of the nails is restricted in this shape. Furthermore, they are a bit tricky as compared to their oval counterpart and are reinforced with acrylic or gel. 

8. Lifestyle

As almond nails are done on long nails, they can be a hassle in your day-to-day life and hinder activities like sports. Oval-shaped nails are like a blessing and won’t disrupt your everyday activities.

9. Maintenance

Oval nails do not need much maintenance. Simply file them using the smoother side of the nail file whenever you see your nails growing out. For optimal nail health, moisturize your nails with a good cream or oil. Make sure to use a cuticle conditioner multiple times a day. 

Almond-shaped nails require regular maintenance, usually every 2-3 weeks or whenever your nails go out of shape.  

10. The Right Shades

Oval-shaped nails look good with bright and best with neutral or light nail polishes. If you are a nail art lover, they act as a perfect canvas to display your art. The flattering almond-shaped nails look perfect with glittery, metallic, matte, and nude nail colors. 

11. The Method

To create oval-shaped nails, file in one direction using the smooth side of the file. Keep filing until the sides are straight, smooth, and even. Then file using a curving motion from one nail end to the other. 

If you are wondering how to shape almond nails, begin by filing both sides inwardly at an angle that is right off the nail center. File the corners and smooth out the sharp angles to eventually blend them into the shape of an almond. 

Other Nail Shapes to Try

  1. Moroccan Almond  

Moroccan almond-shaped nails are less pointy at the tip and look perfect on medium length. Such nail shapes look mesmerizing with vibrant hues and mattes. 

  1. Round

Round nails follow the natural curve of nails. If you have round nail beds or longer fingers, this shape is right for you. The shape is achieved by filing the square or round nail while following the curve of the finger. Bright colors including tortoise, maroon, and plum look great with such nails.

  1. Square 

Square nails have straight and sharp edges that square off at the nail tip. This nail shape suits short and medium lengths and looks flattering with light polishes.  You can also opt for a soft square nail shape that has rounder and softer edges.

  1. Stiletto

Stiletto nails feature a long pointed tip and are apt to give a slender look to your hands. Although bold and eye-catching, these nails are not strong and can get damaged easily.

  1. Coffin

This nail shape resembles a coffin and hence the name. Coffin-shaped nails are like square nails with an angular take, with their straight tip tapered inward. The shape looks best with long nails and both light and darker nail colors. 

  1. Ballerina 

Ballerina nails are just like coffin-shaped nails but with rounded and softer corners. The ballerina shape works best on longer nails. The best part – they can be blended with other shapes such as stiletto to create a customized shape. In terms of color shade, this shape has no limitations. Go for a pretty pink shade, warm red, or cool blue – whatever floats your boat!

Choose the preferred shape according to your nail shape and style to give your hands the most flattering and feminine look. It’s wise to visit a good nail salon and get your manicure done by a professional to make your hands look gorgeous like never before.