There is one word that can be said regarding the famous Kapoor Family. It is that aspects run in the genes. We are not speaking about the Raj-Rishi Kapoor household. We have the Anil-Bonney Kapoor family here and the personality that we are speaking about today is Sonam Kapoor. Well, you all have heard about her. She trained to be the crush of several young men after the announcement of ‘Sawaariya’.

Sonam Kapoor: The Diva In The Rise

Well, with Sonam Kapoor, the production might have been a bit harsh. What with the flop films and stuff. But that doesn’t imply that her looks aren’t something to consider with. Her drop-dead stunning looks are the reason why she is however a part of the Bollywood industry. But the beautiful looks of the actress aren’t all recognition to the makeup products. Think it or not, the actress looks unusual without some extra touch of the brush.

These unusual Sonam Kapoor no makeup pics will be proof enough of our point. Behold some excellent images of the amazing actress, without makeup.

Some Pics Of Sonam Kapoor Without Any Makeup

Here we should got for you some impressive pictures that show how good Sonam Kapoor looks outwardly putting any makeup on. From upright photos to pre-planned shoots, we have everything on the list.

1. The Airport Picture

2. Plain Old Looks:

3. Sonam The Star

4. Casual Sonam Kapoor

5. With The Fans

6. The Beauty Queen

There you have it, people. Some impressive Sonam Kapoor no makeup images for you. Enjoy the unusual pictures and tell us your review. When ich one is your favorite?