Over the past few years collagen has been gaining a lot of buzz within the health and fitness community, and with good reason. We all know that collagen can help support joint health; but, it can do so much more! Collagen is the common naturally occurring protein in our bodies. It is basically the glue that holds our body together, which is why it is so beneficial for our joint health. If we are lacking in the glue holding our muscles, ligaments, and bones together things are going to get uncomfortable pretty quick.Adding a collagen powder to your daily routine is an easy way to boost this structural protein’s presence in our body and encourage healthy movement. But, the benefits of adding this supplement go even beyond our creaky joints. Our hair, skin, nails, and gut are all beneficially affected when we add a collagen supplement to our daily routine. 

Hair, Skin, and Nails

This is probably the least surprising of the additional benefits to collagen due to many skincare brands boasting of adding collagen to their products. However, by introducing a collagen powder supplement to your daily routine you can better reap the benefits collagen has to offer. If your body is lacking in collagen all the collagen you produce naturally will go towards joint function. By adding in a collagen powder you can guarantee your body has a sufficient amount of collagen present. This will help prevent aging by increasing elasticity in your skin. These peptides will also help your hair grow thicker and longer; this can help both men and women who begin to experience hair loss. Plus, you will have stronger and less brittle nails. 

Muscle Gain and Weight Loss 

Not only does collagen support those of us who have a healthy workout routine by allowing our joints to more comfortably support our movements; adding a collagen supplement is hypothesized to increase our metabolism and promote gaining muscle mass. This is because collagen helps you build lean muscle and the more muscle you have the more calories you are able to burn. An added bonus is that collagen contains no pesky carbs. This supplement can help you trim down that waistline, and since a collagen powder adds essential nutrients to your diet, it will help aid in you feeling satiated throughout the day. Meaning, you’ll reach for less snacks and reach your health and fitness goals faster than ever. Added bonus, studies have even shown that collagen can help get rid of pesky cellulite by tightening up skin’s elasticity as you slim down.

Gut Health

Collagen is also essential to our bodies ability to keep our blood vessels and organs lubricated. Many promote the use of collagen to support healthy digestive function. If you are suffering from leaky gut syndrome a collagen powder could seriously help. Leaky gut syndrome involves the mucous lining of our intestines. People with gastrointestinal diseases may have leaky guts; an increased permeability between our intestines and the rest of our body. In simpler terms, if you are experiencing symptoms of celiac disease, chronic pain, or other autoimmune issues, toxins leaking from your intestine into your bloodstream could be to blame. By adding a collagen supplement to your routine you can increase the villi in your intestine since they are made of collagen. This will strengthen the lining of your gut and help prevent leaky gut syndrome and keep your digestive system functioning at its highest capacity. 


When you have the miraculous job of growing a human, adding a collagen supplement can help your body function at its highest capacity while it works the magic of creating life. Pregnant women require substantial amounts of protein to stay healthy. Adding a collagen supplement to a healthy diet can ensure you and the baby are getting all the nutrients you need. In addition, the new baby will be growing its own skin, hair, nails, gut, and joints: all of which come from collagen. The added bonus is that you too will reap the benefits of collagen making your pregnancy just a little bit easier. For example, collagen can help prevent stretch marks by improving skin’s elasticity. You will also get the aforementioned benefits of a healthy gut which promotes a healthy immune system and better joint function. This way you can welcome your new baby into the world at your happiest and healthiest.